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Uninstall Manager, the most full featured uninstaller available for the Palm OS, saves valuable memory (RAM and Card) space while keeping your device clean and trouble-free.

When you launch applications, from the built-in memory or the Expansion Card, they save data onto your device; this data is used by the application when active, and normally, will be deleted when you delete the application itself.
Applications, in general, use their Creator ID (a unique identifier that has to be registered with Palm) to tag the data they save onto your handheld.
When you delete applications, the system deletes all items that share the application's Creator ID - However, some applications (intentionally or due to a programming error) save items under a different Creator ID than their own; these items will remain on your device, occupying your precious handheld memory for good.

  • When using Uninstall Manager to remove applications, they will be completely deleted, including items saved under a different Creator ID

Uninstall Manager includes many unique features to help you stay on top of your software installations:
Features such as the Sandbox mode which allows you to install new applications inside completely isolated environments; launch, evaluate and safely delete applications without compromising other important information on your device (you can also keep these "isolated environments" on the expansion card to quickly test applications in the future).

A great program for making sure you fully remove unwanted data when uninstalling from your Palm.

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